Port Management

Our company provides survey services for the inspection of goods, vehicles and storage areas for all interested parties involved in the transport chain of goods throughout Ukraine.

Our surveyors professionally and objectively represent the interests of the customer before, during and after the transportation of the cargo, during its loading and discharging in ports or transshipment points on land.

Performed by our company surveyor's inspections, guarantee the proper condition of the vehicle, container, storage conditions, as well as the quality and quantity conformity of the transported goods to the data specified in the order form.

The specialists of the company possess the necessary skills and knowledge and have considerable experience of successful work in this field, due to which any task will be performed with the high quality, efficiently and in short terms.

The certificate or report provided by the surveyor upon completion of the inspection contains reliable and objective information on the results of the analysis that will allow to identify potential risks in advance, before the adverse consequences.

We guarantee the unbiased objectivity of each report of surveyor's expertise.

The list of services for cargo inspection includes:

Quantity inspection:

Quality inspection:

* Analysis and testing provides by independent accredited laboratories.

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